Sandy Oppenheimer's Collage 'Women in the World'


Tina Turner

Slideshow of the "Women in the World" from Sandy Oppenheimer:


While I was living in Italy, a friend brought me  a years supply of   Ms. Magazines.  Hungry for the written English word, I read them cover to cover, one after another.  Upon completion, I experienced both despair and elation, and felt the need to do something to recognize the struggles and efforts of women in the world.  This is how this paper portrait project began.  It is my attempt to honor women who have made notable contributions in our world 

I started with visual artists, following with musicians, actresses, and writers.  I continue with peace activists, dancers, women in business, and scientists. Women in the World is an on-going project and one I don’t seeing ending anytime soon!

These women have inspired me with their vision, tenacity and courage.  It is my hope that these portraits will do the same for others.


  • Arundhati Roy
  • Alice Walker
  • Anais Nin
  • Anne Bancroft
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Bette Davis
  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Camille Claudel
  • Cicely Tyson
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Dame Judith Dench
  • Doris Lessing
  • Octavia Butler
  • Faith Ringgold
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Toni Morrison
  • Georgia Okeefe
  • Hannah Arendt
  • Miriam Makeba
  • Janis Joplin
  • Juliet Binoche
  • Kathe Kollwitz
  • Katoka Tamako
  • Laura Nyro
  • Lee Krasner
  • Louise Nevelson
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Marguerite Yourcenar
  • Maria Felix
  • Ma Rainey
  • Meret Oppenheim
  • Meryl Streep
  • Peggy Lee
  • Shirley Bassey
  • Sophia Loren
  • Susan Saradon
  • Tina Turner
  • Virginia Wolf

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