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Creating is a profoundly philosophical and spiritual act of faith. My marble
sculptures are carved spontaneously and intuitively, relying upon
observation and the discipline of drawing. I have lived and worked for over
20 years in Europe, primarily in Italy, giving me a notable lean towards the
classical.  However my approach is initially abstract. I begin without
models or drawings, creating movements and a rich surface texture, which
stimulates ideas. Once I see my vision, it is refined using a technique of
carving only the profile lines of my subject, until all points of view align
and the image is realized.

Some of my works are public on-site carvings, which are educational
demonstrations of my creative process. By including the public, new and
socially significant sculptures are born. The impact of witnessing the
birthing of the sculpture extends out into the community, uniting people in
a common experience.  During an on-site carving I work for several months,
interacting with the public daily, while completing my projects on time.

People can view my work either at my home and studio (note the above
address) or at the Prentice Gallery on Main St. in the village of Mendocino,