John Fisher and Sandy Oppenheimer


John Fisher


For people that are collectors of fine, marble sculpture, they will enjoy
getting to know John Fisher. After 20 years in Italy he has established his
studio in Northern California with his wife Sandy. Spotted around the
surrounding land is a sculpture park of exquisite figurative marble
sculptures. John teaches up and down the west coast and has done many
monumental on-site public carvings for municipalities and corporations.



My great teacher, Tom Blodgett, said: "The creative act is one of desperation." The logic behind this is that if you are doing something you know how to do, you may be very good at it, but you are just repeating something you have learned before. read more of John's essay on his creative process






Sandy Oppenheimer Collage

With the hands of an artist, and the heart of a poet, Sandy Oppenheimer creates  with paper, scissors and glue.  Whether a personal portrait, an arranged still life, or a memory of a place or time, Sandy works to bring grace and beauty to her collages, and to the world.